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I’m just a guy that knows some stuff about MLM’s.

First and foremost before MLM and blogger persona, I am a father of two great sons and a husband to a beautiful wife.

My former job is a plumber where I would put in 70 hour weeks and I suffered with extreme nervous stress breakdowns that would keep me up at night. I was an emotional eater and 50 lbs over weight at the time. I was desperately looking for help, something that would help me take back control over my finances and time.

I was living pay check to pay check, and when I was most desperate in 2009 a friend of a friend introduced me to a MLM when I hardly knew anything about network marketing or multi level marketing, let alone did I know just how challenging it can be and that I would spend the next 5 years crawling and struggling which at one point almost put our marriage at risk.

I sincerely hope that no one has to go through the amount of struggle to kick off their MLM so in this blog I wish to expose the truth about MLM, and answer some age old questions such as.

Is it possible to succeed in MLM and how long does it take?

What Makes someone successful at MLM, what does it take?

some of these questions can point back to the person staring back at your in the mirror and give you valuable insight into how you are living your life and how that is affecting your finances, career and relationships.

I wish to not only educate you one MLM but also give you valuable life lessons as well.

Look becoming successful in MLM is all about becoming a successful person yourself. Someone that takes responsibility and accountability for himself first & foremost and someone that makes hard decisions and sticks to it till completion our enough feedback or data that one should head a different way.

for me on this blog and this journey of uncovering the truth about MLMs.

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