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Written by  on September 19, 2015 


We all know that that a pyramid scheme is illegal in these United States. That it only serves as a means to defraud hardworking people out of their money promising things that will never happen or metalize. Many people confuse multilevel marketing, which is legal, with a pyramid scheme, which is not. Many pyramid schemes nowadays try to present themselves as multilevel marketing firms. For the fact that they are legal. It is easy for a pyramid scheme to masquerade as a multilevel marketing, since they are essentially the same. However, there are a few things to look for if you suspect a pyramid scheme to be taking place.

A pyramid scheme consist on someone on the top of the “pyramid”. This person recruits two people to buy into the “business”. Now the top person maybe promising to sell some type of goods or service. Although this is baloney they strongly stress how successful they became and how the service or goods is. He will also encourage his two recruits, the second level of the pyramid, to recruit two more people. These four people will recruit two people apiece. You have to remember each person will pay a large sum of money to the top of the pyramid. After the based has been, fulfill the top person moves aside and his two recruiters becomes the top of the pyramid. They will start to generate money from the recruiters. And so on and so forth. This whole “business” does not gain any money from selling any type of goods or services. However, merely from people joining into it. When the recruiters are no longer able to recruit anyone the whole things starts to fall apart.

When trying to decide the legitimacy of a multilevel marketing company take your time and research the business. Go online and try putting their name in search engine. Believe me if they are a fraud you probably not their first fish. Ask questions; if you go to some type of recruiting event prepare questions before hand. Check out the product or products. Discuss the business with a friend or love one who is not involved, that will give an honest and forthright opinion. Always ask yourself if this is something that you can see yourself doing. If it does not fit into your schedule, lifestyle, or career goals and path then it is not the right thing for you. That is ok. You should never feel pressure to join into this type of business or anything else for that matter. Many times, you go to these recruitment conferences and they make you feel like that day is the only day. No other moment in life will this opportunity befall you, so it is now or never? Know that they do this in order for you to make a rash decision based on your emotions and not your mind. Do not fall into the hype.

Some resources that’s available to the consumer that can help a person make a inform decision on whether to join a multilevel marketing business is the Better Bureau Business or contact the Federal Trade Commission. I know like me you work very hard for your money. Do not be swindle out of it on a rash decision. Take your time, research, and meditate on it. If you feel rush or pressure to join, and then leave. It is your money; never let someone else decide how you spend your money.

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