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Written by  on August 22, 2015 

Top MLM performers of the world have a common theme and that is they put work in themselves. When everyone is partying on the weekend these individuals are putting work into their craft. Today I want to talk about the mindset required to become a 6 to 7 figure earner in any MLM.

It all comes down to those that have a vision and goal to become something extraordinary, look at all top achievers and you will see that they have a goal or vision that is bigger than who they are, that inspires & motivates them because it involves helping other people.

When your work becomes your passion then you will be successful, its those of us that put in the work everyday to become the best, that become more productive each day, that goes out there and hustles and takes massive action will go through the initial challenges and resistances that stops 95% of the people.

This is the truth that people don’t want to discuss, the fact that most MLM newcomers will fail, and the failure rate for top MLM like AdvoCare, 4Life Research, ACN, Alliance in Motion, DoTerra all have 90 to 95% failure rate.

What separates the top 5% from the others, is not necessarily skill or talent, its dedication, drive, grit, hustle & perseverance. Its those qualities that makes a champion. Its those qualities that takes someone from the average to extraordinary.

In school we are taught that our abilities or our grades / intelligence is what makes someone successful or average, yet when I truly became a top earner in MLM, I realized its neither of those things what we commonly think makes us successful rather, its the basics.

Its those people that can put in the reps of doing the ONE thing they know that by doing it they will inevitably become successful.

And I’m figuring out more and more, that when we have blocks that stops us from taking any action at all. Just do that one thing that will make the difference today. That one thing that will get you closer to the close, that one thing that will nudge you forward.

Whether its one sentence of that blog you needed to write.

That one phone call you needed to make.

And next thing you know you are doing the next sentence, and the next task until you build momentum and have a productive day. Its doing the one thing one after the other that will get you far in life.

Self-Mastery is Key

You see the true wealth lies in self-mastery, for a long time I had emotions rule my life and my business. When I had something that happened during the day that upset me emotionally. it would wreak havoc on my productivity. I knew I needed further training & coaching, I knew I needed to hire a mentor that will help me get my emotions in check because I saw the devastation it was doing to my life.

One of my favorite teacher is Robert Smith from Faster Eft, check out his videos on youtube and you will be blown away.

Learn From Failure

So that’s exactly what I did, and what really opened my eyes was this one blogger that used to blog about AdvoCare, he was really into studying the top achievers in AdvoCare and learning about their mindset that contributed to their success and he also studied those that failed, with the understanding that he could learn more from failure or just as much from failure as one can learn from success.

If you’re into MLM and personal development, I highly recommend his site its called Computer Knacks

My goal right now is share with you as much as I can about my #1 passion and that’s becoming an entrepreneur. Making that shift from an employee to entrepreneur someone that takes success in their own hands and makes things happen, instead of waiting for things to happen for them.

For now watch that video above, it will be truly inspirational and motivating for you.

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