MLM Addicts to Listen Up, This is why you suffer

Written by  on July 31, 2015 


Just to give you a background about myself, I am a father of two beautiful sons and a lover to a beautiful wife. I have been at the MLM game for a while because I have a strong purpose of being there for my family and not slave away the next 40 years of my life at a dead beat job that I’m not going to get anywhere with. So I joined the MLM army and decided to give it a valiant effort back in 2009.

If I told you I struggled that would be an under statement, at the time I was a full time plumber working everyday from morning to dawn and not getting any sleep at night because I was struggling with tremendous stress being able to make ends meet and pay the bills. I was always worrying if there will be enough money left over after all of the expenenses to pay the bills.

It felt like no matter how much I worked I wasn’t making any headway, and then all of the sudden it all changed when I met a friend of friend that was making 6 figures online only work 5 solid hours everyday, I became friends with him on Facebook and became jealous about his life style of waking up everyday whenever he wants and doing something he is passionate in. It was awesome from out side looking in, why really pulled on my heart string was one facebook post he made about being able to spend all day with his daughters and wife because he wasn’t stuck in a cubicle or office. That’s when I decided that I will pursue the MLM venture and become the top earner that can afford big all inclusive trips with my family somewhere in the Caribbeans and I was going to sit by the beach and drink a coconut while my kids played in the sand and beach. I had the whole picture in my head and it was exciting.

MLM insights

Little did I know that the next 5 years was going to be series of failures and confusion and frustration that even brought our marriage to jeopardy. I almost lost the love of my life in the process of starting my MLM business and that’s real talk.

I want to explain to everyone in this blog what it takes to succeed in MLM. What are somethings you should not do when you begin to pursue this business model.

One of the common trap I see people in is that they are told they must market their MLM products to their friends and family, if you want to find a sure and fast way to alienate your friends & family at the next family get together or neighborhood barbeque than this is it.

You will not find a more efficient way of others steering clear out of your way, almost as if you have a invisible repellent that blocks out all the friends in the universe out of your circle.

The problem is not the MLM per say, but it is your approach.

You are missing one crucial step which is prospecting, you are pitching to people that will never be interested in what you are offering and you are wasting valuable time for both parties. Avoid this at all costs, because it will give you the wrong feedback of your success rate. You shouldn’t walk into every interaction with intention of pitching your MLM. That is not normal, you have to be smart enough to understand that.

Be genuinely interested in people like a regular conversation and get to know them a bit and decide if that person would be interested or not, and speak with enthusiasm as well when you do your pitch because its not necessarily the words themselves but the feeling behind those words that makes the difference.

MLM addicts! Lesson #1 for this blog, Avoid pitching unqualified people.

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